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HRS brings a fresh take on the vintage railway poster to celebrate 150 years of the London Underground and the 100th anniversary of Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide 1913

This year sees two very significant anniversaries for rail travel - the 100th anniversary of the publication of Bradshaw's Continental Railway guide 1913, and 150 years since the opening of the London Underground. These two events have had a significant impact not only on the railways, but on the British way of life.

To celebrate this impact, HRS has commissioned the production of a series of vintage-style railway posters. Depicting some of the greatest trains travelling some of the most famous routes from the age of steam locomotion (see if you can guess which they are), the posters pay homage to the same advertisements that appealed to those buying Bradshaw's guide and taking the first Tube trips all those years ago.

The creation of the railways caused a dramatic change in Britain, stoking the fires of the industrial revolution and opening up leisure holidays to the masses. It wasn't long before steam locomotion crossed the Channel and rail services began to criss-cross the Europe, and for those with means, it provided a convenient and enjoyable way to travel as far as Monte Carlo or even Russia. George Bradshaw first produced his Continental Railway Guide in 1847, documenting the timetables of rail services across Europe, but it was the 1913 edition of his guide which really opened up the continent as a tourist destination. It was far from a mere timetable; it contained briefings on towns and countries, places to go and places to avoid, prices of tickets and advertisements for everything the intrepid traveller may need.

Also celebrating an anniversary in 2013 is the London Underground, which opened in 1863 with its Paddington to Farringdon line. While it may occasionally be popular to bash the Tube when delays or strikes occur, it's perhaps only because we take the convenience it offers for granted. London would be a vastly different city without its subterranean transport network - it simply could not have grown to this size without it.

Bob Gwynne, Associate Curator of Rail Vehicles at the National Railway Museum in York, commented: "This has been a significant year for great British transport anniversaries. 2013 has seen us celebrating the 75th anniversary of Mallard breaking the world speed steam record - a record which still stands today - and the 150th anniversary of the London Underground is another transport milestone that has attracted national and international attention."

Mark Douglas, Sales Director for Corporate Sales UK at HRS, added: "Train travel has helped make Britain what it is today, and we think these posters celebrate the passion and nostalgia that many people have for the railways on these important anniversaries."
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